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Yet another expression of delight.
w00tsauce! I aced my C++ exam!
by Thom June 26, 2004
The l33t h4x0r's pasta sauce. instead of mixing a lot of vegetables with even more tomatoes, one mixes a lot of tomatoes with even more alcohol, thus making w00tsauce. Called "w00tsauce" because it gives you the alcohol-and-lycopene-high that makes your brain go 'w00t!'.
I'm going to the grocery store to get some tomatoes and beer and put it in the blender to make some w00tsauce and h4x0r all night.
by OmGwTfBbQ!!!111oNe August 15, 2005
a feeling to descibe a very wet feeling in the pants
ewwwwwwwwww... w00t sauce going down the leg
by j33m April 01, 2007
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