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3 definitions by Oliver Klothesof

When the sexual art of asphyxia goes embarrassingly wrong. It is possible to have a multitude of asphyifailures if there is a ceiling fan or chandelier involved.
My girl Carmen likes me to tie her to ceiling fans with vintage women's lingerie. Unfortunately, Carmen also likes to eat fried chicken. Her weight on my ceiling resulted in an Asphyxifailure. I now know it is much easier just to stroke my weenis.
by Oliver Klothesof October 05, 2010
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The affect on male genitalia after watching Claudette Rose dance her panis off to "Show Me".
I was really feeling randy but then I watched tClaudette Rose shake her so called "money maker" and had flacidation.
by Oliver Klothesof October 01, 2010
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When you motor boat a transvestite with a hairy chest.
I was wiff my tranny girlfriend, Enriqua Suave. I told her/him to take out her boobs so I could wrap my face like a burrito. But all I got was a boca full of hair. I wanted a motor boat, not a swamp boat. Ay yai yai!!!
by Oliver Klothesof October 01, 2010
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