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Generic term for any kind of a rotating, spinning ride at an amusement park or traveling carney that has a reputation for turning the stomach around, as well as the rider, and through a combination of G-forces can induce queasiness and in some cases, vomiting. Even worse when the person has just eaten before getting on and spews on you.

Rides such as The Scrambler can be considered as Spin-And-Pukes. A Merry-Go-Round or rides intended for children are too mild to be considered Spin-And-Pukes.
There's a carney over by City Hall. Let's go ride some spin-and-pukes.

Sure, let's go to Cedar Pointe. I'm in the mood for a good spin-and-puke.

I used to be able to handle the spin-and-pukes when I was younger, but the merry-go-round is about all I can handle today.
by Old_Radio_Collector July 06, 2009
Out-of-state drivers pulled over by the police. Frequently used by Buckeyes (people from Ohio) to describe people from Michigan. Ohio license plates have been on a white background for years, Michigan license plates have been white lettering on blue since 1979 (the fancy license plates are relatively new). Other possible combinations include New Jersey or Delaware in Pennsylvania or New York, I'm sure there are others.

Some states have more restrictive traffic laws than their neighbors, and the police seem to enjoy it.
Typical holiday weekends there will be Blue Plate Specials all along Route 2.
by Old_Radio_Collector May 13, 2007

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