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Parts made by an outside firm to replace OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts. Commonly used in automotive purposes, but the aftermarket exists in virtually every industry.

In other words, these are NOT "Genuine <fill in name of manufacturer> parts." The quality of aftermarket parts can vary widely, some engineered to be better than the originals, some poorly fitting and otherwise inferior crap. Caveat Emptor when buying aftermarket parts! But sometimes when the original parts are discontinued or the manufacturer has gone out of business, the aftermarket may be your only choice.

NAPA and J.C. Whitney are two of the larger aftermarket auto parts suppliers.

Quality Discount Press Parts and AAA Press are pretty much the only aftermarket suppliers of note in the flexo printing industry.
by Old Radio Collector May 23, 2007
To fix, repair, repaint, shine or do other things to something that isn't worthy - but you have to do it for one reason or another. Because the basic fact is no matter what you do to a turd - polish it, paint it, give it bling - it's still a turd, and there is nothing you can do about that underlying fact.

This is often encountered for people who restore antiques, or who work in older buildings or on old machines. It may not be practical to replace a piece of crap, and polishing a turd may be all you can do.

Polishing A Turd is different from nigger-rigging because nigger-rigging is just to get something operational with little regard to how it looks or runs in the long term. Polishing A Turd involves making something look and operate as best as it can, although both may be major problems because it was a piece of crap to begin with. A Rolls Royce can be nigger-rigged, but you would not call it polishing a turd (unless it is a real ghetto cruiser). Putting new tires on a Yugo and filling its gas tank is polishing a turd.
The 1942 Philco record changers were so bad, restoring them is only polishing a turd.

My friend is polishing a turd - he's rebuilding the engine in his 1976 Vega.

The elevator was constantly breaking down in the last place I worked. It was old and beat up, and repairs were no better than polishing a turd.

"You're just polishing a turd fixing that Pinto."
"More like jack up the horn and stick a car under it!"
by Old Radio Collector June 03, 2007
Automotive: A tool commonly used for breaking the tapers loose on ball joints and tie rod ends. Sometimes called an olive fork. They are correctly called a "Ball Joint Separator" or "Tie Rod Separator" but have gained the name from their resemblence to the long, skinny forks used to remove pickles (or olives) from a jar.

The term can be used for a variety of items, anything much longer than it is wide, with two prongs on one end and some sort of handle on the other.

"I need to replace a tie rod end on my car but I don't have a pickle fork. "


"Any ideas how I can separate these flanges?"

"Have you tried a pickle fork?"

"No, great idea!"
by Old Radio Collector September 30, 2006
A (usually) antique item, such as a clock, radio, sewing machine, spinning wheel, tool,car parts, etc, that may or may not work, kept strictly as a display item. More often than not the item does not work but the owner has no intention of repairing it, it just sits there.

If it is sometimes used and is not strictly a decoration it is NOT a shelf queen.
"Did Joe ever get that Sparton Bluebird working?"

"No, it's just a shelf queen for his mantel. Thousands of dollars for a non-working radio, just for display!"
by Old Radio Collector November 20, 2006
A food item, all decked out with all the little goodies, deluxe style. Usually meaning vegetables, but not necessarily so. The opposite of plain. Frequently something that has been dragged through the garden has so much other stuff on it that the original or basic item is burried and lost. Sometimes used for a fast food "vegetarian" hamburger that consists of a bun, condiments and everything else - but no meat.

Usually used to mean adding all available items, especially with a hamburger, pizza or omelette. A hamburger with onion or a slice of tomato isn't dragged through the garden. A hamburger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, olives, green peppers and sprouts is.
"You want cheese on that hamburger?"

"Give me cheese and drag through the garden!"

I ordered a cheese omelette, but this is a drag through the garden special.
by Old Radio Collector October 08, 2006
A Detroit area rock band, formed in 1971 - several years before Elton John's hit of the same name. Lead guitarist / singer goes by the stage name of Ben E. Jets, other personel have changed over the years. They have opened for many big name acts, and are a regular fixture in the Detriot music scene.
Benny And The Jets play all over the city.
by Old Radio Collector October 12, 2006
Essentially the same as a geezer, but only in the American sense. An old and decrepit person, a clean version of "old fuck" or "old fart". Especially one who is cranky, eccentric or both. It is a derogatory term, but not horribly so. Unlike most similar terms it can apply to men or women; and elderly couple can be referred to as old fuds. Sometimes old fuds will even refer to themselves as old fuds, as if to say "I didn't die before I got old!"
Why is traffic so slow? It's that old fud with no place to go and all day to get there.

I got into a wreck with an old fud that shouldn't even be driving, can't see over the steering wheel.

For an old fud you move pretty well!
by Old Radio Collector June 29, 2013

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