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verb 1. to shoot one's self in the foot, or 2. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face. 3. to royally fuck up.
The city council members thought they were so smart when they stopped allowing coolers at Blaine's Picnic but they san angeloed... again, because Blaine took his picnic and all that tourist and visitor money to Boerne.
by Old Deadeye May 15, 2008
The result of smoking some righteous weed.
When I get outta here this evening I'm gonna go sit on my front porch and get Willie-fied.
by Old Deadeye May 14, 2008
Any herbage rolled into left-handed twisters that are smoked on March 6th in the great state of Texas.
Let's spark up some Alamota boys, in remembrance of those 187 brave souls that lost their lives defending liberty back in 1836.
by Old Deadeye April 30, 2008
to get high on marijuana
We got willie-fried and sat around pickin' and grinnin' till the cows came home.
by Old Deadeye May 15, 2008
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