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(v) The act of packing a bowl of marijuana and setting fire to it with the intent of inhaling the resulting smoke
"DP's got that crazy shit, we keep the chronic up; John blaze that shit!"
by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003
Drunk or otherwise intoxicated.
"I was so loaded I forgot how to take a piss."

"Steve was so loaded he blew chunks all over Brandon's patio... twice."
by OlSpazzy April 10, 2003
An exclamation used to express extreme excitement or happiness (often times resulting from some sort of accomplishment).

See also bam sucka!
See also booyah!
"Yo fool, I just got us the chron!"

by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003
Leet computer speak for telling someone to shut the fuck up.
Jim: "My CPU is 10x the processing power of your CPU, furthermore, I can run 52 appli--"

by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003
A ghetto term for marijuana
Gimmie some of that sticky icky icky
by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003
Yo beeyatch! It's "hoe-mee". Two syllables. Nice try tho.
What up hommie! Send some of that chron over here!
by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003

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