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dudes, whether you like it or not "mondo" means "world" in Italian. but for slang I also use it to say something is really big, or there is a lot of something
(1) I traveled the mondo in 80 days.

(2) that is one giant mondo cow!
by Oktobongo April 25, 2008
a phrase that refers to smoking "dope" or weed, then eating some soap (I think just the normal kind of bath soap, but I'm not sure), and then some how getting back to your house in some kind of bubble thing.

some weird hippy guy told it to me on the street. just in case you were wondering.
guy walking down the street.

stoned hippy pops out of some ally.

guy says "holly molly! you the scared the crap out of me!"

hippy says "when I was your age some person told me some words to live by! hic!"

guy says "I'm not sure I want to know what they are."

hippy says "he said. hic! he told me. hic! ahem! he told me smoke dope, eat soap, go home in a bubble! ha ha haa ha!"

guy says "what the hell are you talking about!"

hippy guy runs back deep into the darkness of the ally.

true story
by Oktobongo April 25, 2008

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