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5 definitions by OgirlO

A half of the kickass band Tenacious D.
Tribute, My Biznit is the Shiznit, i'm the only gay eskimo
by OgirlO July 22, 2003
655 211
someone that ruins surfing for everyone by coming to the beach, trashing the shore, and taking up the waves.
any tourist
by OgirlO July 22, 2003
64 37
a short dude, which is always funny with a mullet, which is even funnier
example..... hmm.... A MIDGET WITH A MULLET!
by OgirlO July 22, 2003
7 3
a hick hairstyle with short hair on to and long in the back. Female version- femullet midget version midgemullet
puck from the real world gave the great quote.... "Buisness in front.... party in the back"
by OgirlO July 22, 2003
3 7
a kickass guy off the show jackass that beats his dad up and does crazy stunts.
Bam is my future husband.
by OgirlO July 22, 2003
5 29