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2 definitions by Ober Ogrim SL

the Shutzstaffel was hitlers private lifeguards during pre-ww2, when ww2 startet it became a more or less normal fighting group of nazis. The german army was not nazies, they where normal germans stationed in war.

The Schutzstaffel is 2 german words; Schutz and staffel. Shutz means to shoot or someone shooting ( wierd translation options here ) staffel means group.
The Schutzstaffel was divided into 2 groups; Algemeine Schutzstaffel ( nazi group ) and Waffen Schutzstaffek ( special forces nazi group )
Shutzstaffel is shorten down to SS.
zomfg!! its waffen ss!!! run!!!1
by Ober Ogrim SL August 14, 2004
Word for a Jewish person. The word itself is acctually not racial discriminating! It is german and means "jew".
In german its written like this: jüde
The jewish people had to wear a special star during the Holocaust so they could be identifyed
German: "Meine mutter ist eine jüde"
English "My mother is a jew"
by Ober Ogrim SL October 15, 2004