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6 definitions by Oahu808

Hawaiian slang for Meat flaps in the Vagina area. Can be used in conjunction with the American slangs for Beef Curtains or Meat Flaps.

Saggitarius and the meat curtains.

"da girl so loose" "girl stretched out" "Nautica Torn has teriyaki beef"
by Oahu808 February 15, 2008
52 27
To experiment, taste, smell, practice, or oof new pussies.

Also trying out new sampo's at cosco.....dey get some good stuff too

Man: I like Sampo
Girl: OH NO dis not cosco
by Oahu808 February 15, 2008
34 25
term used in hawaii for Portuguese.
Podagee's talk alot and are really stupid
You stupid podagee
by Oahu808 February 16, 2008
19 21
Racial slur for Japanese.
That jap get small boto

Planny japs in waikiki
by Oahu808 February 16, 2008
244 290
Mormon is a religion that Hawaii people do not like much. Often get yelled at or picked on when going from door to door or riding their stupid bicycles.
"Get off the road you stupid mormon" "Get off my yard fucking mormon" "Lets steal the mormon bikes" "Damn haoles."
by Oahu808 February 16, 2008
79 144
Hawaiian slang for African.

Eats: fried chicken, watermelons Activities: makes cornbread, picks cotten, raps or dances, has oily heads, purple skin, popolo babies become more criminals on our streets.
by Oahu808 February 15, 2008
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