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Apple's OS that is much better than OS 9. Contrary to popular belief, OS X is NOT based on FreeBSD. It only borrows a couple components. It is based off Darwin OS, another Operating System by Apple. Darwin IS a flavor of UNIX, therefore Mac OS X is based on UNIX, just not based off of FreeBSD UNIX.

It can run simple Windows programs using WINE + Darwine.

Again, contrary to popular belief, OS X is perfect for games.

It can run games like GTA: SA for Windows under Cider without any lag.

Many games have already been ported to OS X - like Call of Duty 4.

Runs both games on a 2010 11" Macbook Air.

Runs slightly worse on a PC/Hackintosh, since most PCs don't have support for Quartz Extreme, a necessary graphics component for watching videos with Quicktime, 3D Animations, Games, etc.
Man, I wish I could play CoD 2 on my Hackintosh, but my graphics card doesn't support QT/QE...


Person 1: Qwegleh! Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD! Aijoobah!

Person 2: Mleehook! Ya, ya, FreeBSD!

(Smart) Person 3: Hey, 'tards! It's based on Darwin, it only borrows some components from FreeBSD.

People 1 & 2: Kweejeemah! Us no like-ey! Us no care-ey! Michcollobunzigha! Us be go now in go machine that go-go vroom!

Person 1: Enchofalgakh!

Person 2: Ufchontingrtagher!

(Smart) Person 3: Whatever.
by OSXTree April 22, 2011

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