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3 definitions by OMGItsJackieChanLOL

Look at the friggen example.
Dude - Tom asked Linda is she wanted to play Conker, and Linda gave him an automatic yes.

Dude #2 - Totally! Who doesn't love that little drunk squirrel?

Dude - Oh, I meant conkers. You know? Conkers? The game played with two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns to strike each other's conker until one breaks.

Dude #2 - Did you just quote a Wikipedia article?

Dude - Yeah...

Dude #2 - What has search overload done to us!?!
by OMGItsJackieChanLOL November 07, 2009
Lucille's drink of choice.
Lucille - “Thank God they’ve got my brands here.”

"La feliz beber: hay Cloudmir si tienes sed"
by OMGItsJackieChanLOL June 14, 2009
An extreme smartass.
Dudette - The Playstation 1 is the best console ever!

Dude - Yea, who didn't love Bubsy 3d?

Dudette - Snarkyass...
by OMGItsJackieChanLOL May 07, 2009