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Noun: Protoss leader, sacrificed self to save Protoss race.
Dude, the part where Tassadar sacrificed himself was fuckin' beautiful
by omfg March 18, 2003
On the chat and conversatin messageboards of elitefitness.com, there was a poster known as massivegunz who had horrible spelling. He inadvertently typed the word bor instead of bro (brother). It became a raging sensation.

Referring to a very good friend in the bodybuilding community.

A good, upstanding person.
"'Sup bor?"
by OMFG June 23, 2004
Noun: Cum
I want to cream on that girls face
by omfg March 18, 2003
Noun: Naughty naughty
Dude, that pic of Lara Croft naked made me cr3am myself
by omfg March 18, 2003
Double Anal Penetration
That porn movie contained a DAP scene.
by omfg March 06, 2005

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