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One of the most amazing smart person's colleges in the United States. It competes with Caltech and MIT in virtually all technical subject areas.

It is 2nd only (PhD prod.) to Caltech in: Physics, CS, Sciences/Engineering, Math.

It is 1st in Chemistry and Physical Sciences...and eighth in Biological sciences.

It is currently ranked 2nd, overall.

It was the last USA school to win the international programming competition. (1997) Last year, the USA's top rankings were a 3-way tie for 17th place.

School size: 670 students.
1. Ohhh shoooot...your friend got into Harvey Mudd College? Wow!

2. Yeah, you're amazingly smart. You're going to go to Harvey Mudd or something.

3. Dude, Harvey Mudd's parties are da bomb!
by OJG July 01, 2005

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