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An adj. used by certain african tribes to describe the smell of their offspring. Also a phrase used by warriors when running into battle, to confuse their enemy.
Tribal Leader: "Why that stench certainly rankles. Whatever could it be?
Town Bicycle pointing to her newest child: "Poopakunga"

Tribal Leader: "Poopakunga!"

Apposing Forces: Looking around, "Heavenly God, did I step in it?!"
by OIIIIIIIO November 30, 2006
Can't Handle Even Volari Races Or Left Eating Turds.

An automotive manufacturing company that produces economical vehicles for the blind/deaf/dumb population of the world.
Bystander 1: Whats that leaking from that chevrolet cavaqueer over there?

Bystander 2: Everything. Now lets run, before it sets the one next to it on fire, and we all die in an explosion of plastic, and cheaply produced shrapnel.

by OIIIIIIIO December 01, 2006

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