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Bomb Dwag finds its orgins from the Mayan roots of the word jello, meaning a low calorie rubbery snack.

However, in current day, we use Bombdwag to mean anything and EVERYTHING.
" What's that on your shirt? ' Oh its just a little bombdwag that spilled from lunch'"

"I'd like a little bombdwag with a side of mayo."

"What the bombdwag is wrong with you? Oh the nerve..."

"Shake your bombdwag like a snake ma"

"Ouch! I just got hit in the head by a bombdwag"

"That fried chicken looks hella bombdwag"

"Relax...I'm just bombdwag'in around!"

"Holy cow, Martha's tits are bombdwag!"
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by ODOMiNATE010 April 03, 2010
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