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A style of dress, usually suited for women, that is scandaly clad office attire. example. Wearing a blazer with just a bra underneath, or a business short skirt witn no panties...
"You saw the boss today, she's got her sexecutive shit going, it looks like she'll fuck you then fire you...
by O.D. Sanchez October 30, 2009
adj. Used to described a disheveled appearance, as in facial hair, clothing, etc. Syn. woofing derived from what a hostage looks like because they have been tied up for so long...
"damn I'm looking tied up I need to get this shape-up before the party"
by O.D. Sanchez December 23, 2009
- v. Def.- for those slightly rare occasions when fellatio is

administered using absolutely no hands.
Sh*t was crazy homie, I

never thought I could nut off a bluetooth
by O.D. Sanchez August 17, 2009
Simply put, its another term for that dreaded 3-7 days a month of a womans menstrual cycle commonly referred to as her period, a way to bring it up in conversation and not be embarassed or embarassing.
How long is your redman concert in town for? Do you have enough tickets? (tampax pads)

What day of the redman concert is it? Is there a lot of people attending or a little? (People = Amount of blood she's menstruating)
by O.D. Sanchez February 11, 2011
Adj. - the point between tipsy and absolute drunkenness or shit-faced; one can also be tilted by a punch, car, or any other act of violence... How drunk you are goes toward the degree of being tilted... 45degree, 90degree, 180degree, etc.
"I must be tilted about 120degrees because I could barely stand
by O.D. Sanchez December 25, 2009
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