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2 definitions by Nyroh

To support something.
I am backing the new Muse album.
by Nyroh April 09, 2005
Short for "nugget": An attractive female (similar to a nug of weed or nugget of gold). There are varying types and degrees of bein a nug:
Types: surfer, skater, ethnic, older (sometimes referred to as futuristic), younger, amazon, micro, blonde, brunette, bitter, and many more
Degrees: supernug, nug, kindanug, seminug, quasinug, semi-quasinug, not-nug, and antinug.
Your Asian next-door neighbor is quite a hot little micronug!

"Was she hot?"
"She was a seminug."
"Did you bone her?"
by Nyroh April 09, 2005