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A unit for expressing the intensity of sound. Also known as 'dB'
My subwoofer is at 2.12 decibels out of a possible 30.00 decibels, and still the neighbors are complaining.
by nyiddle January 05, 2006
Knock the fuck out, a term used mainly when someone gets punched in the face, thereby resulting in a minor (or major) concussion or simply broken/bloody nose.
Nearly any sort of head-trauma, so long as it's very painful, is considered 'getting' knock the fuck out. You never use 'knock the fuck out' with an 'ed' at the end, because it ruins the point of the gangstuh-speak. Honestly, don't add the 'ed' or you get knock the fuck out.
Me: You better get me my weed by Monday.
John: Or what?
(That Monday)
Me: Bitch you got my shit?
John: No, bitch.
Me: (Punches John in the face.)
Innocent bystander: Oh shit! You just got knock the fuck out!
by Nyiddle May 23, 2006
A pedophile who's driving around looking for children so he can pull over and masturbate, and then leave.
Robby: Yo, dude. I just saw this guy and he was in this dark van.
Me: ...and?
Robby: He pulled over at the park, and he just sat in his car. It looked like he was jerking off.
Me: Oh! He was kiddy cruisin', eh?
Robby: Yeah.
by nyiddle December 24, 2005
What you say when someone does something you don't want them to, and to ward them off or warn them to not do that, you bust out this pimpin' phrase.
MarshmallowClock: Hey, let's play a game where we all count to 1000 in our posts.
StrawberryClock: Heya hiya hoya. Not in general forums.
by nyiddle January 03, 2006
Simply another word for a DJ. Often used in electronic music, but sometimes used for rap and anything else involving live concerts and vinyls.
"Wind it up selecta!"
by nyiddle March 16, 2007
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