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Different form a video game. When a person is on a jump mode means that he and his homies or posies are going to beat the living hell out that snitch, bitch ass or just-don't-like-that-fool. on sight.
Kid#1: Yo son, i feel like goin on a Jump mode to hit this cat up.

Kid#2: Word
by nyfinest17 April 13, 2009
A fable character in the kids show "Sesame Street". Where his addiction of crack was substituted with cookies, he was former wanted criminal by the name of "Blue Hairy Balls" or his infamous one "The Cookie Raper". On his career as actor he was charged with assult when he struck Big Bird head with a sock full of quaters because he wanted his oreo cookies saying "ME WANTS HIS COOKIES".
Mom is in the kitchen.

Older kid: "Mom, why is Kenny crying

Mother: "Because KiKi hit his head with a toy for his cookies.

Older Kid: "Cookie Monster. No More Sesame Street for you".
by nyfinest17 April 13, 2009
It is a rude awakaning to person woh is victimised, from sleeping in the couch or bed, by applying someone's hairy ball sacks on to the victim's forehead, mouth or eyes. Great way to break the ice with your girl though
Person#1: "Hey, is that Mike teabagging the hell out of Joe while sleeping on the couch?"

Person#2: "Get the camera".

Person#1: "Well looks like Mike won't be getting with his girl tonight after this one.
by Nyfinest17 April 13, 2009

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