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In the act of taking any sort of food and putting it inside of a human asshole and than eating it
I use dillon forester for French Relish
by Nuttsack69 November 12, 2011
When someone is sleeping, you stick your finger in your butt hole and take a little piece of shit and put it in their nostril so when they wake up. They will smell shit and not know what has happened to them.
i (christian Ellis) was at a party and there was this girl (she was ugly as shit) was sleeping and i gave her a wensday dumpster so i put a piece of shit in her nose and when she woke up she complained that everything smelled like shit
by Nuttsack69 October 15, 2011
In the act of taking shit from your own butt hole and putting it in someone else's butt hole, then butt fucking them
I Christian Ellis gave you a Detroit bakery last night while you were sleeping
by Nuttsack69 October 18, 2011
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