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One who is constantly seeking/looking to sit on a fat phallus.

Can be contstrewed as the bitch face who will give anything, even his/her left eye to sit on and/or around dicks.

The silly mo-fo that no one wants to interact with at a party.
My ex-girlfriend is a smelly dick fucker.

"That leslie sure is a dick sitter-onner. I guess we could consider her a big dick fucker."

That fucking prick ass bitch is being a motherfucking dick fucker again.

by Nutsakula July 15, 2006
1. One whom after engaging in rough sex of the ass cheeks, deficates white, hot yogurt from his/her rectal region. COuld be considered coagulation of the sphincter seapage.

2. A stupid quiff (asshair) who acts out retardedly and wreeks of rotting fuckstink.
tom is a splooge pooper because he sat on a dick, then the pot all night, pooping yogurt into his toilet bowl.
by Nutsakula July 30, 2006
the bulbous orbs at the tip of the penis. Generally located on the underside of the head, but in some cases could be referred to as the nutsack.
Morton slapped smitty's forehead with his enormous dick cheeks.

Maria was donkey-punched, then violently teabagged by matty's fatty dick cheeks.
by Nutsakula July 15, 2006
The odiforous exertion of smelly male splooge on one's breath.
I could smell the faggotstink on joseph. I deduced he sucked a fat dick that morning.
by Nutsakula July 28, 2006
A condition of the foot in which mushrooms grow between your toes. See foot fungus.
My feet itch and burn so bad, i think i have a moderate case of hoof rot.
by Nutsakula July 28, 2006

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