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A slang word for Semen.
"I want to sling my hot yogurt all over Sally's face
#hot yogurt #semen #yogurt #yogrt #cum #jizz
by Jesse1234 March 31, 2009
hot yogurt has two distinct meanings in which a person or situation can be described. the slang hot yogurt comes from the premise that cold yogurt is tasty and we really want it, but when hot it develops bacteria and this is bad for us to eat even though yogurt is so good.

hot yogurt thus describes a) people who either think they are hot, and act like they are hot, when really they are disgusting, or b) it describes a person or situation that we really want, but in the end is bad news.

a) "man! that woman with the kid thinks she is so hot. look at her wearing those booty shorts, and a belly top! she weighs atleast 200 pounds! she is hot yogurt!"

b) "I really wanted to do another line of coke, but i can't deal with that kind of hot yogurt!"
#hot #yogurt #dangerous #appealing #sexy
by kyle green October 14, 2007
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