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A term coined by number #4 pro evo player, the legendary JB, for when a player peforms a spin trick with the ball at their feet. Often referred to by gays as the "zidane turn"
Player runs down the pitch, opposition tries to get the ball, "Oh no ... its "Round the World" ...later!!!
by Number1inyourhearts February 16, 2009
Sometimes referred to as simply the "RG". This is when a person expresses bursts of pure rage at the most trivial thing, often followed by an "uughhhhhh" noise and on occasion resulting in name's being put on a blacklist.
The post is hit in a game of pro evo

wee J says "uughhhhhhhhhhh"!

J,S and A turn to one another and acknowledge "The Robinson Gene" is kickin in!
by Number1inyourhearts February 16, 2009

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