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1 definition by Ntownjuggalette4LIFE

NOBODY can define the word!!! The definition of a juggalo or juggalette is what that person stands for and who they are! Its not one specific definition. And to all of you HATIN MOTHERFUKRS out there, YOU especially cant define a juggalo!!!! Since you have no idea what we are even about you just need to stop hatin on us and move on with your sad pathetic nothin else to do lives!!!!! We ARE a family that sticks 2gether no matter what and dont even have to be blood!!!! los and lettes got each others back without askin questions and blood relatives dont even do that!!! So b4 yall even TRY to put a definition up and you aint a lo or lette maybe you should think of another word to pick on!! MMFWCL HOMIES!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!
joe blow: hey man u cant be a juggalo cuz u dont ACT like them

JUGGALO: You woodn know wat a juggalo was if i bit u on the ass!! STOP HATIN PUNKASS!!!
by Ntownjuggalette4LIFE October 14, 2010