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5 definitions by Nox

a military contraction meaning:
Walking with head up ass

see also: asshat 1
*after a cock up by private Smith*
Hey Smith looks like your WWHUA today.
by nox November 15, 2004
4 1
THE best name ever!
some acent laguege for night i think is latin.
Hi my name is Nox.
I dont know but it wold be in latin.
by Nox March 25, 2005
23 24
camp the other team to victory
that newb tried to nox it up, be he moved and blew it!!1
by nox October 05, 2003
3 4
A leet skeet CS player who ownz your panties.
OMFG! Its Nox. Everyone camp some random gay corner and hope to gay him blatantly!11!11!!!
by Nox March 02, 2005
7 23
Trappin : Cool; Bangin; Hot; Awesome.
Trap-on (To keep/get your "trap-on") : Chill; stay cool.
Ashleys getting her trap-on with that 20 bag. It's some trappin shit.
by Nox February 19, 2003
89 636