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A woman that has a similar body shape to the style of women painted by Rubens. Not just any slightly overweight woman. Not just any girl who has round hips or a bum. The women in Rubens paintings were often very plump, with large round hips. While it was once a compliment, now it often a criticism or back handed compliment.
Don't call a girl Rubenesque if you have never looked at Peter Paul Rubens paintings.
by November May 13, 2005
A guy masturbating quickly.
I caught him whipping up a batch to internet nudies.
by November May 18, 2005
The face a stripper makes to convey potential orgasm. Faked sex faces, for show.
That stripper needs to work on her Jane Face, she looks constipated.
by November May 15, 2005
A real hottie, someone you could just suck on/eat.
The guy over there is a hottieBiscotti!
by November May 16, 2005
The germs left on a beverage after someone takes a sip - anything left on the glass or can... Can be liquid or residue.

Also 'Friends' can refer to blemishes on the skin.
Yeah, you can have a sip but when your done take your friends with you!

Damn, it looks like I am getting some new friends on my chin.
by November May 15, 2005
To go out on and steal things from cars, houses, yards. Something theives do.
He was exhuasted becuase he was out farming last night.
by November May 18, 2005
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