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Welcome to my profile,but I got tired with the 20 questions crap,so I proposed to write a song...

His name is Noujm,he is very cool.Betta' than you, and you're Nanna's pool.His age is uknown,and so is his sex(but he can prefers he...and he can transform into a she...but its cooler turning into a gigantic spider).His allignment is,thee Red Rock Deeeeeemooooons!His appearence is,every now and then.He looks like:A small Mew model frame with black fur,black skin,two scythes instead of hands,a peculiar crown of red and grey metal,a big head,green glowing eyes,a small mouth but is ridiculously huge when shouting,has two big feet so he floats instead of walking,he has a red crescent across his neck but he aint no hillbilly,and he has a long tail ending up into a shickle.Now ladies hear me now,he is still free.free as a bee,since Channy smashed his ego...*coughbitchcough*
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by Noujmers June 24, 2004

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