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Failed playwright. Lives with sheep in basement. Predominantly Welsh. Late coursework deadlines standard. Keeps any item loaned to him indefinitely without any conscious thought on the matter.
This does not apply to a particular person: it's just a general descripition of all people named Ieuan.

See also: fucktard
Fucking hell, Ieuan, where's my fucking action replay? And have you got your French coursework? No, you haven't. What waste of space.
by notsafeforwork July 19, 2007
A person with an incredible aptitude for brown nosing. Of a ridiculous size, although packs a rather small "weapon". Has no friends and the entire population of humanity wishes his demise. He is notorious for using stupidly bright colours on his hair, and strongly resembling a member of Blazin' Squad who has let himself go. With green hair, this person would strongly resemble a tomato. Without Green hair, this person would strongly resemble a tomato.
"Donal, you're a fucking cunt, stop falling over my foot like that, fatboy. Loose some fucking weight and grow some fucking balls puffbag."
by Notsafeforwork July 19, 2007
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