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The act of one man sexually penetrating another man's ass with his penis. Derived from the film "Brokeback Mountain."
Gee Julian, I sure had a good time with Bruce last night, he was brokeback mountin' me all night long. Pass the herpes cream.
by Notgettingmuchatm March 04, 2006
Australian term relating to alcoholic beveridges. Similar to bevvy or bev.
Sink some bevos tonawt?
by Notgettingmuchatm June 08, 2007
A Pigrat (or Pig-rat) is an undesirable person, not just a pig, and not just a rat. They are a Pigrat.
You fuckin Pigrat, stop stealing my beers.
by Notgettingmuchatm March 04, 2006
The term "Shit Person" derives from Australia and is used by a man/woman to express the great dislike of another man/woman without focussing on the qualities they find so undesirable. They just don't like this person because they are, in essence, shit.
"Hey Bob..."
"Yes Bill?"
"I slept with your girlfriend last night."
"What? You're just a fuckin shit person."
"Hmm, harsh but true."
by Notgettingmuchatm March 05, 2006

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