3 definitions by NotSoInnocent

A term used in Beyonce's song Drunk in Love. Watermelons have plenty of seeds, this is symbolic of Jay Zs semen which she has been drinking
Jason got me the best gift for our anniversary! I just might start drinking watermelon tonight 😋
by NotSoInnocent January 21, 2014
The single most orgasmic fetish in the universe. Those who fall fatal to the Jew fetish have amazing taste. The literal term of 'Jew fetish' is to have the undying urge to be fucked by a Jew.

When I see a Jew I get hella wet.
I have a chronic Jew Fetish. I'd lap up any male Jew's kosher meat.
by notsoinnocent May 30, 2009
The hairstyle that Jews posses. It makes my vagina tickle.
Jewfro's are hot.
by notsoinnocent May 30, 2009

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