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The most fucking under-rated game in human history. It's available on PS2 and Wii.

It's sequel is Okamiden and was the last game for the DS.
What are you waiting for, get the fucking game Okami now!
by NotMe11443611242639 July 09, 2011
A man of East Asian ancestral descent. They are often overlooked in favor of Asian Girls by horny douchebags.

Contrary to retarded stereotypes, as long as you're a good person, they generally make good friends/mates. Most of them are used to horny douchebags trying to befriend them simply to date their sisters, so they will be wary at first.

Compatible with well-founded stereotypes, they typically try to excel at whatever they're doing, whether it's school, sports, music, games, or computers.
UrbanDictionary has tons of words and definitions for Asian Girl, but few for Asian Guy.

Asian Girls really are the best, but give the Asian Guy some fucking credit for making them.
by NotMe11443611242639 September 22, 2014
MeiAIDS is a Youtube Pooper, troll, supposed Youtube hacker, and most of all, a yiffer.


The first part of the name is derived from Mei the goat in the soft-core furry porno Arashi no Yoru Ni. The second part is Youtube Poop jargon. It isn't necessarily the AIDS that blacks and gays get. In short, AIDS in YTP is overused memes like Mama Luigi and New Hydrating Volvic Revive.

He seems to have began making Youtube Poop in 2007 under the name "TheGizmaluke," but because of the copyright uncertainty about YTP, he had to make alts (Why does BrocksDubs and Jimmy Kimmel Live get paid for their shitty interpretation of YTP though??). He's probably most famous, however, for his taking credit for the Youtube thumbnail exploit of 2008, where Smosh, kidrauhl, and other video thumbnails were changed to the My Melody anime character Piano Chan or some Mongolian-looking guy among other things. After his popularity died down and 200 accounts later, he DMCA'd his own memorial channel and possibly some other things as well.

He sort of went "poof" around 2011. Some say he left Youtube, never to return again, some say he continues to poop (as in make YTP), hidden among us, but still some say he got a life (not likely since he's a yiffer) or was arrested by the FBI for looking at too much underage Hentai.

His history is somewhat unclear because a.) he's a troll, and b.) there's a crappe-tonne of impersonators.
MeiAIDS is sexy.

Also, he invented sentence mixing but no one cares about that.
by NotMe11443611242639 February 03, 2013
Contrary to American belief, Filipino people are actually very much like the other SE Asian countries. They have strong family values and suffer from political corruption and Muslims. However, Filipinos on UrbanDictionary are clearly susceptible to raging for some reason. Anyway, here are some reasons other countries have us figured wrong:

*When, persay, a Filipino student arrives in the U.S, he/she is immediately under the pressure of American society at school to be what they keep saying. Some Filipinos will go along with it and become "ghetto Asians." Others will fight it. Still, others may try to stay under the radar so they don't need to hear any more ignorance.

*They believe that just because we were an export colony of Spain, that were all a bunch of Mexicans. While it is true that about 2% are part Spanish, that leaves the rest to be Pacific Islander and Asian. Even so, it's not your race that determines your personality.

*Since America is the dominant power, what rumors flow out of there are considered superior (to a diminishing extent, however).

*In other Asian countries, they are similarly racist towards Filipinos and face discrimination, thus, get worse jobs than if they were of different descent.
If you wanted a real definition of Filipino, you should gone on Regular Dictionary.com
by NotMe11443611242639 February 03, 2013
Something that eternal virgins say increasingly on World of Warcraft. Seriously, some people act like WoW is crack.
Fat Geek: Hey man I need $15 Dollars to keep playing WoW this month?

Me: Isn't it free?

Fat Geek: No. Just please give me cash?

Me: No, I'm taking my date to the movies.

Fat Geek: C'mon man, MMOs Before Hoes?
by NotMe11443611242639 February 03, 2013

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