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1. What those closest to Benjamin Franklin refered to him as because he liked to partay!
2. A term of endearment for any male named Benjamin.
Boy: You know who was the sweetest dude in history?
Girl: That's easy; it was Ben Jammin'! That guy was so fly and he was one of America's founding fathers!

by NotAPaperGirl October 23, 2008
The best chips in the bag. Due to something in the manufacturing process of potato chips, some of the crisps come out folded over like a taco.

Occurs with all flavors and types of chips including: tortilla, ruffled, dorito, etc.
"Dude, when me and Geraldo went to Chili's restaurant yesterday, we totally fought over the last potato chip taco"
by NotAPaperGirl March 10, 2009
Taking part in the locking of lips. Commonly known as smooching, snogging, sucking face, etc. Derived from the more well known, and certainly less interesting, "making out."
"Hey Vanessa, I like you. Wanna go mack out in the woods?"

"Did you see those two mackin' out in the hall yesterday? I thought I was going to projectile vomit it was so repulsive!"
by NotAPaperGirl October 23, 2008
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