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An over exaggerated wow. Spoken as if you were wario.

James says: Shut up nick
Nick says: woooooooooow
by Not a PVTMW91 May 09, 2009
One who is of the homosexual decent.
"Jesus christ! There are all these PVTMW91s everywhere!!" He says
Another man replies"Ya man, I hate them so much. I just want to slave them, like we did the black people."
by Not a PVTMW91 February 12, 2009
When one has so much hair in their pubic region that they could shave it all off and make a black man's afro
One man says, "Yo I was watching man on man porno and this guy has so much sparableparsley it was not even funny!!!"
"What the hell? You are so homo!" Someone else replies.
"Kind of." He stammers back.
by Not a PVTMW91 April 13, 2009

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