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Stay the hell away from that satanic game, the game consists of putting the tips of your fingers of both hands on the base, the eye of the piece moves around without you doing it. The piece will spell out certain things, that you ask.

I used to think it was an innocent toy capable of causing no harm. I played this game whenever I was 7 years old, when one day my nose started to bleed very VERY profusely as I was playing it, I knew after that time that that game was not a toy.

No this wasnt coincidence, I never had that bad of a nosebleed up until that point of time and only 5 times afterward which were very minute (Im 17 now, by the way)

This crap opens a gateway/
If you're a Christian like me or had a previous experience, I hope you'll have enough sense to stay away from this.
by Not Zane August 17, 2004
Its been disputed since the dawn of the internet where our form of grammar and spelling was tainted.

I have the answer. And the answer in question is AOL instant messenger.

Yeah, AOL is a virus within itself.

Macho Man Randy Savage approves of this message.
by Not Zane September 05, 2004
A nerd is what people refer to as a "social outcast", because they supposedly do not meet the needs for what "society" wants them to. (See: Jocks) Jocks are the biggest perpetrator to this, and often try to steal their lunch money. Most Jocks own ricers and (despite popular belief) hang out on the computer all the time. Jocks (See bully) are mostly responsible for school shootings.

Nerds usually spend a lot of time on a computer, most are socially awkward and cannot get a girlfriend, yet they are usually good people. Some nerds watch a horrible thing called Japanese animation SEE: anime

A nerd is persecuted by people (those in their teens) who try to be cool, and try to assert themselves in the highschool food chain, but they fail and learn that the nerd grows up to be more successful than any other person that persecuted him in highschool or college.

Nerds sometimes grow up to be very rich.
That nerd is rich - William Shakespeare

The nerd that I hath seen, is the sniggity snap, dawg - Julius Caesar
by Not Zane July 20, 2004
1.) Something that soldiers dug and hid in to lessen the chance of them getting hit by a bullet and/or blown up by a mortar.

2.) An awesome local band in my area.
Foxhole will go big sometime soon, you'll see.
by Not Zane August 17, 2004
Man its so rough in my hood, that one time a group of white kids drove down to my house to ask directions to somewhere.
Im living ghetto fabulous in suburbia.
by Not Zane July 22, 2004
A genetically enhanced zombie due to a heavy dose of exposure from the G-virus.

Nemesis is known to hunt S.T.A.R.S. members because it is rumored that he was one before he turned mutant.

Nemesis was last seen on resident evil 3: and will be making an appearance on the new resident evil movie: Resident Evil, Apocalypse
Man, if you ever see Nemesis in real life, you better get out your magnum and be ready to plug 13 rounds in his chest, because, baby, he isnt going to stop.
by Not Zane July 30, 2004
An awesome song first played by nine inch nails, then remixed by Johnny Cash. This song makes me bawl nonstop each time I hear it. A truly depressing, yet beautiful song.
I will find a way...
by Not Zane September 12, 2004

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