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His alternate name is called "The Duke". He is THE MAN when it comes to western movies, accept no other substitute. EXCEPT for Clint Eastwood
"John Wayne isnt dead, hes frozen! Have any of you ever taken a cold shower? Okay, multiply that by 150,000,000 and thats how mad the Duke is gonna be whenever he wakes up and finds out whats happening today."

- Dennis Leary
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
The successor to the throne of John Wayne. This ese here can kill your arse 11 times before you hit the ground, all the while playing texas hold'em.
Clint Eastwood is the undisputed king of western movies, right after John Wayne.
by Not Zane September 10, 2004
Something that "gangsters" do by holding a handgun sideways, holding a handgun sideways will not only lower the accuracy to a minimum, it is also easy to disarm the ignorant fool that was holding it sideways.
Im glad gangsters dont know how to use firearms, just makes it that much easier to run.
by Not Zane July 29, 2004
Absolute communist propaganda. I cant believe this show is still on the air.
Okay, look at it this way. There is 4 colors of teletubbies Yellow, Red, Purple and Green, all 4 of these symbolizes the 4 tenants of communism.

The sun (which has a babies face) is the "big brother" or communist leader that watches over their every actions, the teletubbies just playfully go along their merry way, not noticing the suns evil intent.

This show is brainwashing kids everywhere. We must stand together!
by Not Zane October 16, 2004
White calcium-like deposits in your gums. According to shake of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, teeth are for gay people.
"Yeah, the reason I dont have teeth..... is because I got rid of them, because teeth are for gay people. Why do you think fairies come and get them?"
by Not Zane August 18, 2004
Funny actor, funny governor. In the process of rescuing California (Pronounced CAHL E FOUR KNEE UHHH) from random terroists that threaten to blow up California with a bunch of explosives.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is also proficiant in firing an M-60 with one arm with perfect accuracy. He has also mastered holding and firing two assault rifles at the same time, WHILE dislodging a 8 foot pipe from a wall amd chucking it as if was a spear and impaling the one who was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the aforementioned pipe. Another noteworth mention, is that he can wipe out an entire army without even as much as a single scratch, as seen in the movie commando
by Not Zane September 09, 2004
See: Elmo Music

The highly gifted, and tragically afflicted, red haired person that we all have grown to love.
Elmo is a member of the NRA.
by Not Zane July 22, 2004

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