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Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It's when your sphincter releases liquid hot magma loaf-demons unreservedly and without reason.
Cordova: Hey Jim, what's the deal? Why is there brown fluid spilling down your legs?
Jim: It's IBS. And it burns.
Cordova: Haha, it must suck to feel like a moron.
Jim: stfu bbq!
Cordova: Roflmao knewb, I'm not the one with IBS!
by NostalgiaDrag@gmail.com October 03, 2005
Possessing an overabundance of sheer coolness. Usually presented through a calm and intimidating demeanor. See Ryan Tekulve, wik'd, badassery, badasshood, or asskickery for related topics.
Mr. Blonde's badassdom knows no bounds.
by NostalgiaDrag@gmail.com April 06, 2005

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