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1 definition by Norsemann

The wiping of ones arse with one or several baby wipes after defecation. The soft baby wipes are gentle on the sfinkter and have the added bonus of a washing effect, making the user feel fresher than with regular paper. The sensation of luxury feels even more prevalent when the user has diarrhea with a very sore sfinkter or feces that is particular sticky making cleaning with regular paper particularly time consuming. If the user cannot access baby wipes one can improvise by spitting on regular paper. Face wipes used to remove make up will also do nicely.
The other day when I visited Tom and Claire they had prepared curry vindaloo for supper. The stuff went right through me though and within minutes on the toilet gave me a burning ring of fire. The pain was so bad it made my eyes water. Thank fuck they had baby wipes laying on the shelf so at least I could have a luxury wipe.
by Norsemann May 23, 2011
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