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Acronym for Fantastic Unbelievable Personal Achievement.
"Wow! Mrs. Johnson, that's quite a fupa you got there! :D"
by NormalBoy November 02, 2004
A person who pretends to be japanese, and is not, or knows very little of japanese culture or language.

"Azn" "Otaku"
" 'AznBoi69'is such a japoseur."
by NormalBoy July 26, 2003
Another personality that arises from someone taking part in confusing someone.
"Behold my almighty confusotron!"
by NormalBoy September 21, 2003
The brilliant idea founded by a great thinker who went by the internet alias "normalboy"; stating that abortions should be manditory in order to 1) bring down the population, 2) decrease the rate of idiots that roam the planet, and 3) to anger absolutely anyone who found abortions to be wrong.
"I'm tellin ya, if we had manditory abortions, we wouldn't have all these idiots for presidents, and not to mention all the japoseurs would be gone. :D"
by Normalboy June 21, 2004

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