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Looks: Red/brown/black hair, bandannas, side/undercut, stretched ears, high top/short shorts, baggy tops, college jackets, old baggy grandma jumpers, thick framed glasses, cross accessories.
Likes: Thrifing at vintage shops, piercings/tattoos, cold/hot coffee, reading, perfect grammar, organic food, anchors.
Music: Under ground, low key music.

* imagine*
Brown, shaggy hair, stretched ears, anchor tattoo, septum piercing, black studded high top shorts, baggy under ground band shirt, college jumper, glasses, cross necklace, drinking cold coffee while cold coffee a book.
Normal person: U sew hipster!!!1!

Hipster: I am in fact, not a "Hipster".
*goes back to reading encyclopedia*
by Normal person February 11, 2012
Can also be used as 30-06'd and 30-06'er

Is the art of constantly complaining about server registration. Placeing blame for ones bad aim on every server in the country, and surrounding countries that the offender lives in.

Also: Self quoting yourself on IRC quit messages in the act of trying to be cool, but infact looking REALLY REALLY fucking dumb.
30-06'er: "Man! There is no reg on these servers, or any servers! FKN REG!"

Normal Person: "haha listen to this 30-06'er, cant aim for shit so its all reg problems. What a fucking dickweed"

Also: 11:46 * ben|30-06 has quit IRC (Quit: <ben|30-06> It would hurt to fuck a coke can though.)
11:47 <Normal Person> HAHAHAHA Check out the quit message! 30-06'd! Hi im a dickweed named 30-06 :D
by Normal Person September 16, 2004
If you want to see how crappy Linux is without having to waste your time installing it on your computer, try out a live CD of Knoppix or SLAX (Slackware-Live).
I agree with the few people who were brave enough to post the truth about Linux. It is just the same poorly-coded turd that the geeks tricked us into trying out a few years ago, only this time with more colorful GUIs.
by normal person May 04, 2004
word used as a alternative name for a 'gary' or 'wide-boy'. basically all losers who wear reebok trainers, drainpipe jeans and a cap, and think they are a bit dodgy. in fact they go out of their way to try and look dodgy. usually they aren't. in fact usually they are of a middle class background and their real names are sebastian or timothy etc.
they also try to speak with rough east end accent, but most of the time their voices haven't broken so they just sound a bit gay, which usually they are.
look that pukka over there.
by Normal Person June 06, 2003

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