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25 definitions by Noodles

Originally derived from the noise one would make when trying to emulate a Techno song. Modified to describe something very good. Usually used in the verb form. 'oontz' and 'botz' are both interchangeable and pairable.
-Hes absolutely oontzing it today.
-He just completely botzed it, yes!
-Yeah, they oontz-botzed it, it was awesome.
by noodles May 26, 2004
Extremely harsh insult. Complination of: Mother Fucker, Assfuck, Cockmaster, Rimwhore, Dicksucker, DateRaper, ECT.
damnit! I cant belive that kruzi knowno of a boss fired me!
by Noodles September 07, 2003
Very cute, fuzzy and possibly baby-talk.
similar to Moo
ooga wooga fuzzy-wuzzy bunny-wunny!
by Noodles April 21, 2005
What a certin cartoon character says when he/she is suprised. In stead of Oh my god! or omg
shufferin shuckatash! Its a badger!
by Noodles April 20, 2005
1) One who masturbates. Jack
2) An Idiot or fool
3) Asshat
2: "Dude, you're such a fucking wanghandler."
by Noodles February 19, 2003
1.Slang term for boner, or erection.
2.What i get when i look at your mom.
3.object obtained when a woman performs the ho stretch.
1. Agh, get yo mutha fuggin bonosaurus out of my face its gonna give me nightmares!

2. Whoa, you see that ho-stretch? That thing's givin me a bonosaurus.
by noodles April 02, 2003
Father of Apollo on Mount Olympus, don't fuck with me i'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, ZEUS! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?

Die Hard With a Vengeance (aka 3)
I'm gonna go all out zeus on you bitch!

and Judas Priest rocks! FUCK ALL UR PUSSY RAP SHIT!
by NooDLES October 13, 2004