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1989-1993 The President of the United States.
1993-2001 A British "grunge" rock band that sounded exactly like Nirvana.
2001- The President of the United States.
1992 - Bush lost the election to Clinton.
1995 - Why are you still talking about Bush? He left office years ago! Oh, you mean some Neo-Grunge band from the UK.
2004 - A new album by Bush? No, the President is not making any new albums.
by None Given December 02, 2004
The act whereby a man defecates on the chest of a partner and then masturbates and excretes his semen on top of the resultant pile of excrement.
I'd never met a girl before who went in for the cleaveland steamer on the first date.
by none given January 28, 2004
1.)A Device attached to the front end of a automobile, for the purpose of detecting curbs.2.)Somebody who is so wasted that they crawl along the ground, hugging the curb as mentioned in the first definition.
"Man that fucker is a curb feeler"
by none given November 13, 2003
"Kowaii" is the improper romanization of the Japanese word "kawaii", which means "cute."
May be incorrectly transliterated by n00bs to watching anime.
The hopelessly n00bish fangirl incorrectly
by None Given April 23, 2005
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