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The best AFL team out there! I am a supporter and must admit it is a bit of a ghetto where people wear snoop dogg clothing and dada
Port Adelaide, the team that won the AFL Primership in 2004.
by none October 30, 2004
a practice in which hackers draw a symbol in chalk on a wall or pavement to indicate the presence of a wireless networking node.
by none September 09, 2002
When there is an extreme case of saggin titties.

When you walk and kick your titties simultaneously.

Low perkiness, high saggage
Don't know body want to see them sandbags.

Do they even make bras for those sandbags?

Look she steppin on her sandbags.
by none January 30, 2005
A insult. The equivalent of being called a retard.
You fucking Neecrog if you think Lisa Finney is hot.
by none January 07, 2005
Destruction of the virgin anal canal by rectum plumbers
Oily shit hole
by none November 30, 2003
Hick way George Bush says the letter 'W'
George Doubya Bush
by None August 01, 2003
Thing to get high on but disguised as medicine for asthmatics...
Dude, hook me up with some albuterol!!!
by None February 15, 2005
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