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Thoser- a word that is the ultimate diss. Creatd by someone who always said "thoser" instead of "loser".
a thoser is someone even lower on the social status scale then the person who said this word instead of loser.
by none May 31, 2003
Sweet, awesome...a phrase used to express the greatness of a situation
Hey, man...pass the gravy!
by none September 26, 2003
really drunk;too drunk to fuck
interested in and only your beer while being skunkdrunk
by NONE January 24, 2005
A member of the THPS/THUG Online community that thinks he is superior to his peers and is not liked by many. His shipyard nm wasnt anything special, but don't tell him that. He also gained a big ego when he joined the jh00 clan, which consists of inactive members. Also has trouble keeping a girlfriend and/or a steady relationship and also is not very good looking.
ProSkater: Hi smallz
.jh00.smallz: Shutup i own you
by None December 07, 2003
A kid whos running for a communist Tesoro
Vote Lehmer for a communist Tesoro
by none November 16, 2003
a stupid looking machine operated by israel and by the old daddy bush. an igonrant who has no personality and no brain.
bush is a moron. who uses the support of the (we are the best people)people to attack and kill the others without being follow.
by none July 09, 2003
A term in new york commonly known in the rest of the country as a pizza.
"what are we going to have for dinner?"
---"Lets jus get a pie"
by none March 13, 2005

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