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5 definitions by Nodrog

Basically, a way of flipping someone off in gaming lingo.
Noobie: Hey, could you spare 10 gold?

Other player: ,,|,,(-.-),,|,,
by Nodrog April 11, 2006
Another way of saying adrenaline junkie.
God! Those guys are such adrenaholics!
by Nodrog April 11, 2006
multiple, thinly formed shit in a toilet bowl. Not quite diarrhea. Light in color.
I just shit a bucket of eels.
by nodrog March 20, 2014
Leet (l33t, l337) speak for skater

YO! Thoz sk8ers downtown roxorz my soxorz!
by Nodrog April 11, 2006
Gamers lingo, almost always refering to FPS (first person shooter) games. Killwhore can have several meanings, all derogatory:

1. A term used by a player who is sick of dieing to one player.

2. A hateful word used towards people who play the game the way it was ment to be played and playing well.

3. Somone who defies direct orders the commander / team leader just so he or she can scrape up a kill or two before they die.
I'm sick of those killwhores that bring the Rocket Launcher indoors! Thats leik, soooo n00b!

You Killwore! The SL said to pull back!
by Nodrog April 11, 2006