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56 definitions by Nobody

To invent strange french men alternative egos. To be jealous of those named "Maegan" who are super cool. Beware, if you see a manly figure sporting a trendy pink two piece bathing suit, this is most likely a Tsouker.
person 1: Jean pierre called me...
person 2: you were TSOUKED!

(any tsouker) : Maegan is so cool!!!

AAAh, a tsouker is on the loose!
by nobody February 20, 2005
A person who loves and admires another person so much that they have their mouth permanently attached to the person's dick.
god darkz, are you viper's new fucking dick ornament?
by nobody January 04, 2003
When you talk to God. Exact opposite of schizophrenia.
When you talk to God, it's prayer. When God talks to you, it's schizophrenia.
by Nobody December 14, 2003
To Get High, Stone or Inebriated.
Hey, wanna get bunda 5000? or I'm bunda 5000.
by NOBODY September 06, 2003
a classification used to describe someone who had to much money when they were lttle.
see spoiled.hey this one i actually know.
by nobody May 25, 2003
NMA slang. Insult. See queer, dimwit, homo, ignorant.

1. A person who is homosexual, or acts as such. May also be attributed to a transsexual person.

2. A person who has difficulty expressing his/her opinions, or who does not know what he/she is talking about.
1. "Carson is being such a Paladin Solo on TV."

2. "He explains his opinions like a Paladin Solo."
"You have no idea what you are talking about. You are a Paladin Solo."
by Nobody April 08, 2004
The greatest of the ISPs out there.
Earthlink > MSN/AOL
by Nobody August 16, 2003