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56 definitions by Nobody

People that are so desperate for a girlfriend that they will go out with a girl from Canada that they met over X-Box Live.
Dave Farrell had a girlfriend in Canada who he met over X-Box Live.
by Nobody March 04, 2005
a person who doesnt care what anyone says.
they waste their time making fun of him but they'll all go to hell
they'll get laughed at
breyfogle will rise up
by nobody March 16, 2005
Viggen:Known to many on Ricecop.com
Viggen loves the cock.
by nobody June 20, 2003
1) refers to a big penis..
2) Vinh's big package..
1: Have you had a piece of my Big Vinnie?
2: "Wow, that's a big Big Vinnie!"
by nobody February 15, 2005
Slang for Klonipins. (sp?)
You want some c-lopes? 3 bucks a pop.
by Nobody December 21, 2004
evil pit of cast down souls
For the holy disciple has been re-tokened to the anti-cosmosite and upon that pilar or the dark noon which has recently tolled laid the wretched corpse of the network once called fliQ where only putrid souls and the holy forgottens dwell awaiting their return to Yaktubad.
by nobody January 22, 2004
A term used to mean the consumption of the soul
Eating someones soul out of there body
by Nobody April 21, 2005