55 definitions by Nobody

Very small co-educational private school founded in 1919 with the ugliest kids in Delaware, good.
Tower Hill, more like Suck Hill.
by nobody March 03, 2005
"fucking useless drivel"
"Did you learn anything at that presentation this afternoon?"
"Nope, just more FUD from the marketing department, as usual"
by nobody March 12, 2005
Sex God: really hot; or good in bed
Mike is my perosnal sex god!
by nobody December 04, 2003
Some cheap ripoff of eminem who loves to drink the flem of eminem
That loser fleminem drunk some of eminems flem!
by Nobody October 18, 2003
A game show where if you get a wrong answer, you might literally get dropped out of the game, after you spin the wheel.
by Nobody July 21, 2003
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