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A device used on engines that uses a belt off the crankshaft to turn a pulley which turns fins mounted inside a casing. These fins increse pressure on the manifold side of the supercharger allowing more air into the cylinder on the intake stroke thus creating more horsepower.
Matt's car has a supercharger in it.
by Nobis July 29, 2003
Originally started out as the name for the performance division of Chrysler but now has come to mean any Chrysler brand including Chrysler,Dodge,Plymouth,Desoto. Comes from the combonation of the words "More Parts" as back in the muscle car era Mopar division provided aftermarket parts to the masses.
Mopar or no car.
by Nobis July 29, 2003
Pronouced "Dock"
An engine that has two cams placed over the cylinder head. Usually one cam will open exhaust ports, the other does intake. Most of the time provides a performance gain.
Yea its got the 2.0L DOHC in it.
by Nobis July 29, 2003
In a internal combustion engine when the cylinder is oversized and the piston will rock side to side producing a knocking sound.
Chad's car has really bad pistion slap
by Nobis July 29, 2003
A term to describe 5 liter Mustangs of the Fox body generation. Used by people with a dislike of Mustangs/Ford.
You seen that 5 point slow cruising up and down 5th?
by Nobis January 17, 2005
To eat italian food.
Lets go get some Shaj for lunch.
by Nobis October 24, 2003
The chemical symbol for nitrous oxide which is 2 molocules Nitrogen and 1 Oxygen. Used in internal combustion engines for a quick boost in horsepower. Usually incoorectly called Nos
Look at that! It says n20!
by Nobis July 29, 2003
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