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A disease brought on by over-playing of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames too much. Symptoms include: Hating Venezuelans, having the excessive desire to steal a car, and crash it into a petroleum pump, or the urge to capture mansions. The only cure is 5 hours of Chinese Water Torture followed by 3 pounds of cake
Guy 1: Hey, you wanna drive to that new Venezuelan restaurant?

Guy 2: Nah, I can't, I might kill them. I have Mercenaritis
by NoahTheSlash February 02, 2010
1. To cause the whole thing to come crashing down

2. To do something so stupid that it completely ends a cycle of action or cause.
Soldier #1: "So how'd the rebellion go?"

Soldier #2: "They found us, so it didn't go very well"

Soldier #1: "So what did ya do?"

Soldier #2: "I ran out screaming, but I dropped my papers and battle plans, so they might have an advantage."

Soldier #1: "Jesus, why don't you just Give the One Ring to Sauron?!"
by NoahTheSlash April 06, 2010
So unfavorable or uninteresting that you cannot even muster up the energy to record it on TiVO or any other recording method.
John: Hey, did you see the Women's Curling event last night?

Frank: No, I was too busy to watch it.

John: Couldn't you have recorded it?

Frank: Nah, man, that event is unTiVOable!
by NoahTheSlash February 19, 2010
Bass guitar, played by those who do not own a bass guitar. It is played by playing on only the E and A strings on a guitar.
Guy #1: "Hey, man, can I play your bass?"

Guy #2: "Nah, man, I lost it. All I got is my guitar."

Guy #1: "Then how you been practicing?"

Guy #2: "I've been playing guitass!"
by NoahTheSlash April 02, 2010

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